「hololive friends with u」価格改定に関するお知らせ

「hololive friends with u」価格改定に関するお知らせ

「ホロライブプロダクション」の公式グッズブランド「hololive friends with u」におきまして、2024年4月25日(木)より価格を改定させていただくこととなりました。



2024年4月25日(木) メンテナンス明け以降のご注文分より


「hololive friends with u」 vol.1~vol.10  合計53品
※2024年4月以降順次発売となる「hololive friends with u」vol.11以降も同様に新価格で販売いたします。

今後とも「hololive friends with u」をよろしくお願いいたします。

Notice of “hololive friends with u” Price Revision

The “hololive friends with u”, the official merchandise brand of “hololive production”, will revise its prices from April 25, 2024 JST.

We have always made every effort to offer a wide range of talent merchandise and to maintain product prices and quality. However, due to the increasing cost of raw materials and logistics, it has become difficult to continue providing our products at the current prices.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and ask for your understanding as we continue to deliver products that satisfy our customers.

– Date of Price Revision
For orders placed after the maintenance on April 25.
*Due to the price changes, website maintenance will be conducted from 7:30 AM to around 10:00 AM JST on April 25.

– Revised Price
3,740 yen (including tax)

– Target Products
“hololive friends with u” vol. 1 to Vol. 10 Total 53 items
*The new prices will be the same for “hololive friends with u” Vol.11 and thereafter, which will be released in April 2024.
*Sales at the current price will continue until 7:29 AM JST on April 25, 2024.
*Out-of-stock items will be restocked as soon as they are ready.
*Some products may have product tags with prices before revision.
*For items with pre-revision prices on product tags, we will ship them with stickers to hide the price. Please note that the specification of tags may differ even for items delivered at the same time.
*There are no differences in specifications other than tags (i.e., the specifications of the toy) between the products before and after the price revision.

We hope you continue to enjoy shopping at “hololive friends with u”.